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Hosted by world-renowned guitar journalist, Andy Ellis, The Guitar Show with Andy Ellis features interviews with great guitarists of all genres from all over the world.

  For the first five years, we presented our show on radio stations across the United States who made the show available throughout the world via their local broadcasts and Internet links.  Starting in April 2014, we're taking all of our new audio interviews direct to web.  We're also working on creating an exciting new show as a Live Video Stream from a local Nashville-area venue.  That should start sometime in early 2015.  We are able to make these big changes because of you, the fans.  You made us successful by accessing this website from 140 countries and all 50 states and we thank you for that!

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Our October 26th "Classic Encore" features a September 2010 interview with NELS CLINE and a featurette Guest Interview with ACE FREHLEY.


Attempting to place Nels Cline in a convenient stylistic box is an exercise in futility. Yes, he’s an electric jazz guitarist who cites George Benson and Howard Roberts as early heroes. But he also spent years playing acoustic nylon-string and 12-string, inspired by Ralph Towner and Egberto Gismonti. Then there’s his passion for the aural anarchy of the Minutemen and Sonic Youth, as well as a life-long obsession with Jimi Hendrix. All these influences — and more — surface in Cline’s playing, often within the same piece of music. In addition to pursuing his solo career, Cline plays lead guitar with alt-rockers Wilco, a gig he has held since 2004.

In our exclusive interview, Cline describes what inspires him to compose and play. We'll also explore music from Cline’s new double album, Initiate, which perfectly illustrates his multifaceted musical persona.

In this week's Guest Interviewer segment, we'll hear an excerpt from an interview with Ace Frehley — founding member and former lead guitarist with KISS — conducted by Matt Blackett, Associate Editor at Guitar Player magazine. In Blackett's interview, Frehley reveals how his playing and musical ideas have evolved and changed over the years.

Hailing from Portland, Oregon, Jamie Stillway is our Player Spotlight guitarist. We'll hear a track from her album, Mell Of A Hess.

We'll also hear beaucoup new music, including a track from Black Dub, Daniel Lanois' latest band, which features Trixie Whitley, Chris Whitley's daughter, on vocals, and a moody instrumental from Spread The Love, the latest album by Ronnie Earl & The Broadcasters. We'll travel back to 1929 to hear ragtime guitar master, Blind Blake; bask in the burly Les Paul tones of Gary Moore as he pays tribute to the legendary Peter Green; dig some atmospheric sounds from Duke Levine; check out a Brad Paisley instrumental and more.

Join us online for an hour of exceptional guitar music. If you're seeking sonic adventure, you'll be glad you did.


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