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I'd really like to listen to previous broadcasts of The Guitar Show on my iPod. Do you plan on offering a podcast version of the show?

The podcast format is a favorite of ours too. Unfortunately, licensing all the music we play on each show to provide legal downloads to our audience is time-consuming and prohibitively expensive. So, in the context of current digital copyright laws, podcasting our weekly radio broadcast isn't a reality. However, we do have plans to create a podcast that won't include licensed music. To stay abreast of such developments, sign up for our mailing list or join our Twitter followers.

Can I get my music heard on The Guitar Show?

Our host, Andy Ellis, makes a point of including independent music in every program. You can submit music for consideration by either mailing us your CDs or sending WAV or AIF files via FTP. Click here for our mailing address (please understand we can't return any submitted materials). For FTP submission details, shoot an email to

I enjoy the eclectic style of your programming and I've discovered lots of new music listening to your show. But there are guitarists I'd like to hear that you're not playing. Can I make some suggestions?

By all means. Send your suggestions for guitarists, bands, or specific albums to Bear in mind we strive to play tracks you won't hear on mainstream radio. So while we love "(Don't Fear) The Reaper," "Purple Haze" and "Reelin' In The Years," these aren't songs you're likely to hear on THE GUITAR SHOW. That said, you can help us reach our goal of making THE GUITAR SHOW the planet's best source of alternative guitar music by steering us to records and musicians you find exciting. We look forward to sharing your favorite sounds with the rest of the world.

I just listened to some interview clips. Why don't you play the songs that you're talking about? You played them on the original radio show.

You're right. There's a difference between the listen-on-demand clips on the Interviews page on our website and the broadcast versions. Because of copyright laws and licensing considerations, we're unable to play the full songs that bookend the interviews or are woven into it in our online versions of the interviews. Instead, you'll hear a few seconds of a tune's beginning or ending—this preserves the flavor of the original artist feature—followed by a quick fade. The radio stations that play THE GUITAR SHOW have the proper licensing in place to allow them to play the songs in their entirety.

How can I get the music that you play on the show?

Most of the music that we play on THE GUITAR SHOW is available through normal outlets such as iTunes, and local record stores. Some of the more unusual and independent music may be only available on the artists' websites. In the near future, we'll be putting up a database of contact information for most of the artists that we feature on THE GUITAR SHOW, so stay tuned for that.

How can I find out ahead of time who you're interviewing?

We usually post the current week's interview guest on our website on Monday. We also alert our Twitter followers and mailing list subscribers early in the week. Click here to join our mailing list or click here to become a Twitter follower.