(Direct-to-Web on July 12, 2015)

B.B. King Tribute

When B.B. King died in Las Vegas on May 14, 2015, at age 89, fans around the world mourned the loss of the greatest blues guitarist of our time.

Perhaps millions of words have been written about Riley B. King — the “Beale Street Blues Boy” — and his amazing journey that began in 1925 on a cotton plantation in Mississippi. If you’re interested in exploring the details of his life, track down The B.B. King Treasures, an extraordinary memoir King cowrote with historian Dick Waterman. It contains photos, posters, and memorabilia from King’s personal archives that illustrate a life well lived by a boy who fell in love with the guitar and followed his dreams to become the world’s greatest blues ambassador.

As wonderful as it is to read King's words, it's even more enlightening to hear him speak. In this exclusive interview, recorded in June 2000 by The Guitar Show's Andy Ellis, King describes what it was like to record the then new Riding with the King, his Grammy-winning collaboration with Eric Clapton. In addition to specifics about this fiery album, King shares powerful insights about his music, the blues, and other guitarists.