Duane Eddy 2 Interview

(Originally aired on October 6, 2011)

Few guitarists can claim to have invented a sound and style, but the Grammy-winning Duane Eddy is one. Starting in 1958, he had a string of instrumental hits that introduced the world to the magic of throbbing tremolo, Bigsby vibrato and cavernous reverb. Eddy developed a technique for playing melodically on the guitar’s bass strings — "Peter Gunn" is a perfect example of this twangy sound — and his pioneering ideas quickly became a key ingredient in film and television soundtracks and themes. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1994.

In 1960, Eddy became the first rock 'n' roll guitarist to have a signature model guitar when Guild rolled out the DE-400 and DE-500 Duane Eddy instruments. Gretsch introduced a Duane Eddy Signature Model in 1997, and Gibson produced their Duane Eddy Signature in 2004. In early 2011, Gretsch released a new G6120DE Duane Eddy Signature Model.

In our exclusive interview, Eddy describes recording Road Trip, his new album that was beautifully recorded in Sheffield, England. Produced by Pulp lead guitarist Richard Hawley, the album offers all the deep twang that made Eddy a star more than 50 years ago. We hear how the album came about, who played on it, and how Eddy and his cohorts composed the tunes. We'll also hear selections from Road Trip throughout the feature.