Jim Weider Interview

(Re-edited and aired April 1, 2010, Originally aired on September 10, 2009)

Telecaster-wielding Jim Weider is best known as the guitarist who replaced Robbie Robertson in The Band. Weider is a master of rockabilly and other roots-music styles, and tone freaks point to his twangy, bluesy timbres as a benchmark for modern Tele players. In addition to being The Band's guitarist for 15 years, Weider has played and recorded with many luminaries, including Bob Dylan, Los Lobos, Doctor John, Taj Majhal, Mavis Staples, Paul Butterfield, rockabilly pioneers Scotty Moore and Paul Burlison, Bob Weir and Rat Dog, Keith Richards and Hot Tuna.

In recent years Weider has started to explore a progressive, jam-band sound, which may come as a surprise to listeners who are more familiar with his earlier music. Tonight we'll hear an exclusive interview with Weider and tracks from his grooving new album, Pulse, and discover what led him in this new direction. We'll also learn how Roy Buchanan and Paul Burlison left their mark on Weider's playing.