Webb Wilder Interview

(Re-edited and aired April 28, 2011, Originally aired on April 23, 2009)

As a guitarist, film actor, singer, songwriter and humorist, Wilder brings a reckless — and much needed — energy to roots rock. His credo ("work hard, rock hard, eat hard, sleep hard, grow big, wear glasses if you need 'em") inspires fans and guitarists alike to lighten up and enjoy the music. His critically acclaimed indie films made him a cult hero and led to a role in 1993's The Thing Called Love, a major motion picture from director Peter Bogdanovich.

Wilder was one of America’s first satellite DJs on XM Radio, and his baritone voice has been featured on many radio commercials. In addition to releasing nine albums of his own, Wilder appears on records by Ben Folds, Jason Ringenberg and Maura O’Connell as well as on the companion CDs for the movie Cars. In our exclusive interview, Wilder talks about his latest album, More Like Me and reveals his passion and deep knowledge of guitars and righteous rock & roll.