COMMODORE GRILLE, 2613 West End Avenue, Nashville, TN




Starting on Tuesday, April 8, 2014, THE JAM AT THE COMMODORE will become an UNPLUGGED, ACOUSTIC jam. We've been having volume issues with the hotel and their upstairs guests and, to save the Jam's residency at the Commodore Grille, we've agreed to make it all-acoustic. We did a test run on April 8th and it went great. So, we invite all of our regular Jammers to bring an acoustic instrument and enjoy the Jam as you always have. It'll just be a little quieter!


Load-in: 7:30pm, 7:45pm for solo artists (unless you have a complicated set-up)

Start time: 8:00pm (8:15pm if there is a slow crowd)

Featured Artist End time: 8:45pm-9:15pm (depending on the start time)
End time: 10:45pm

Feel free to load in any time after 5:00pm when the Commodore Grille opens for the evening. Please try to keep the noise level down until at least 7:00pm to respect the diners. There is a side door stage right for load-in/load-out. If you get there early, come in to the Commodore Grille through the main entrance and ask them to unlock it for you. (NOTE: On some Tuesdays, there is a short writers' night until approximately 7:15pm that may prevent you from putting your gear onto the stage.)


The Featured Artist will play for approximately 60 minutes, depending on the number of Jam participants that show up. We’ll then mix and match players until the end of the night. If there is time, we will bring back the Featured Artist for 1-2 songs at the end of the night.

If you are the Featured Artist, and you're not playing solo, please try to send us the names of all of your band members at least a week before the show, if possible. That way, we can give them proper acknowledgement and thanks in our promotions prior to the show and when announcing.


Some Jam slots are filled by invitation prior to the show and others are filled by regulars and friends of regulars who show up.  Invited guests have priority over everyone else for the opportunity to play.  Although we make every effort to get everyone up to play, there will be certain nights that not everyone that wants to play will fit into the allotted time - The Commodore Grille closes promptly at 11:00pm and we have no control over that. If there’s time, we’ll try our best to get you up to play.  We end the music at appoximately 10:45pm so that we have time to tear down.

If you’d like to join us for the Jam, email us at jam@randommusicgroup.com. However, feel free to show up any time and visit and network with the other great players and get a feel for how we do things. We’re trying to make this a great musician hang whether you’re playing or not.


Since this is an acoustic Jam, all instruments will be run through direct boxes supplied on the stage.  Percussion may or may not be mic'd depending on need.  We can also mic instruments without pickups. We are, however, are limited to four XLR's and four direct boxes. Mic's, stands, direct boxes and cables are all supplied.


Unlike the writers nights at the Commodore Grille, THE ACOUSTIC JAM AT THE COMMODORE is open to any material, either original or cover. Being that most of the Jam participants will not have played together before, we encourage familiar cover material that the audience would know and enjoy and that you can get together on quickly.

Please also show respect for the other players coming after you by keeping songs to a reasonable length.  Twenty minute jam band extravaganzas and ten minute blues jams are nice if we had unlimited time, but they don't work with our limited show window.

Also, since this is a family venue, please be aware of your audience when choosing your material and what you say onstage.


We have a TIP BUCKET available for the Featured Artist (if they choose to use it). Placement is up to the Featured Artist and is usually on or near the stage.  It's big, red and easy to see. Hopefully, this should offset some of your expense for getting there and bringing your equipment. John Haring will announce that the bucket is there and encourage people to contribute, but it will be the Featured Artist’s responsibility to (1) tell us that you want it and (2) decide whether or not to have someone (of their choosing) pass it around the room at an appropriate time.


The Holiday Inn Vanderbilt has put in a paid parking system. However, anyone coming to the Commodore Grille WILL BE VALIDATED. So park anywhere you like and it will not cost you anything.


The Commodore Grille will provide free hot or cold soft drinks to anyone playing, both the Featured Artist and in the Jam. Make sure you tell them that you're playing in the Jam if they try to charge you. You will have to pay for any alcoholic beverages or food.  Check the Nashville Scene magazine for a 15% coupon for all food items.


If you have any artist merchandise that you would like to sell during the show, the Commodore Grille will provide a table for you to display it. You must, however, bring someone to cover the table and make the sales.