Buzz Turner Spotlight

"Jig For An Elderly Gent" from his CD The View From Here
TGS Spotlight Player from September 29, 2011

Buzz Turner plays contemporary acoustic fingerstyle guitar. No words, just music. Buzz fuses traditional western European structure with American musical idioms. Blues, jazz and rock merge with Celtic, Latin and world influences to produce compositions that alternate between soft, delicate fingerstyle passages and up-tempo displays of virtuosity.

A self-taught guitarist schooled in garage bands, Buzz played colleges, clubs, coffeehouses and concerts for several years before hanging up music for a day job in broadcast engineering and audio for film/video production. Fast-forward to 1999 when a week at a workshop for fingerstyle guitarists invigorated and inspired Buzz to return to performing. Since then he has shared his original compositions and impressive technique with appreciative audiences throughout the United States. Along the way he's garnered strong press, a first place award from the International Acoustic Music Awards and syndicated national airplay.

Listening to his recordings or attending a live show makes it all clear; Buzz Turner is a guitarist who plays strong compositions with a focus on melody and tone filled with honesty, humor and heartfelt joy.

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