Denny Jiosa

"Redemption" from his CD On The Edge
TGS Spotlight Player from June 26, 2015

RECOMMENDED BY: John Haring, Executive Producer

DENNY JIOSA, best known for his success in contemporary jazz both as a guitarist and producer, is stepping into a new world! With 6 chart topping contemporary jazz CDs of his own and 4 Grammy nominations for Gospel artist Yolanda Adams and Polka queen Lynn Marie, he is no stranger to diversification.

His musicianship has been compared to guitar greats Wes Montgomery, Eric Clapton, George Benson, and Santana! With quotes such as:

* ”If Eric Clapton played jazz he’d be Denny Jiosa” /Jazziz Magazine

* “Take the classic cool jazz of the late Wes Montgomery,stretch it with the contemporary sounds of jazz masters like Pat Metheny and Larry Carlton, add a dollop of B.B. King blues and Eric Clapton blues rock, and temper it with Latin-tinged, soaring, fluid solos like Carlos Santana, shake it and bake it, and you have Denny Jiosa!” / Steppin’ Out Magazine

Jiosa stands out in today’s field of instrumental musicians as one who refuses to compromise and always surprises. This project is indeed a long awaited musical venture for Denny. It is not a jazz record. It just plain rocks! Simply called “JIOSA”, “it represents melodic, passionate rock that contains elements of Jeff Beck, Steve Vai, and Eric Clapton. It is with bassist Jon von Boehm and drummer John Toomey, both of Nashville and both with progressive rock backgrounds.

“It is a project I have always wanted to do”, says Jiosa. “Toomey and Boehm have been inspiring to work with. I realized I missed that feeling of getting with great players and creating. Like my teenage years, finding players of common ground, rehearsing in my parent’s basement, and hearing new ideas develop on the spot is exciting! Even though I am no longer in my parent’s basement, we are we creating awesome tracks!”

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