Gene Segal Spotlight

"Red Eyes" from his CD Hypnotic
TGS Spotlight Player from November 5, 2009 and March 25, 2010

Gene Segal is a guitarist and composer who is forging ahead to find his personal sound and identity in the ever evolving world of jazz. Geneís intensity and devotion to his music comes through in his playing and writing. Whether it is a high intensity groove or a trance like ballad his honesty and personality always shines.

Born in Moscow, Russia his parents immigrated and settled in Brooklyn, New York. This is where Gene Segal was raised and was first introduced to the guitar. Coming from a musical family in which his uncle and father were both professional musicians, he was drawn to it naturally. It was through his magnetism to music he found his identity.

After studying with some local teachers, Gene decided that he would make music his career. He attended Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California at a young age, where he studied with guitar greats such as Scott Henderson and Joe Diorio. After completing his one year degree at the top of his class, Gene returned to New York where he worked with local rock and blues bands for several years.

Once hitting a creative wall, Gene decided further exploration and study was needed. In order to achieve the level of proficiency on his instrument that he craved. He attended the renowned jazz studies program at William Paterson University, where he got the opportunity to learn from jazz guitar greats Vick Juris, Gene Bertoncini and Paul Meyers. He also sought out one of his biggest influences John Abercrombie for lessons. Gene believes that these teachers really helped shape his improvisation skills and his overall approach to the guitar.

After graduating with a BA, while becoming a regular on the deanís list, he decided to continue his education. He pursue his other passion in composition. He went on to received his MA in jazz composition from William Paterson University. He had the opportunity to study with the great composer Richard DeRosa. During that time Gene also had the opportunity to write for numerous musical settings. Ranging from string quartet to big band and including an arrangement featuring the great saxophonist George Colman, this was performed by the William Paterson big band.

Gene Segal has had the good fortune of playing, touring and recording with an eclectic group of incredibly gifted musician in his career. Some of them include Steve Laspina, Gene Bertoncini, Joe Magnarelli, Bill Goodwin Ryan Kisor, Justin Kisor, E.J. Strickland, Boris Kozlov, Ted Poor, Matt Clohesy, Francoise Moutine, Sam Barsh, Mark Juliana, Adam Niewood, Jerry Niewood among many others.

Gene released his debut CD as a leader titled Hypnotic on the Innova label in July of 2009. The album is a blend of diverse compositions and brings together musical styles in a seamless and effortless fashion. The CD is a great beginning to his career as a leader and showcases his ability as a player and composer alike. This effort almost ensures us there will be much more to come from this gifted up and coming musician.

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