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"Sharecropper Shuffle" from his CD Tell You What
TGS Spotlight Player from April 18, 2013

Jason Elmore is a Dallas, TX-based guitarist/singer/songwriter that is turning heads in the blues/rock guitar world with his devastating guitar chops and searing old-school vocal style. Whether fronting his high-energy trio 'Hoodoo Witch' or performing as a solo acoustic act, Elmore is able to bring together elements of American music in his performances that seem to bridge the gap between blues, rock, soul, country, and jazz. He is remarkable in his ability to appeal to fans of all genres of music with his incendiary guitar licks, powerhouse vocals, keen sense of humor and imaginative-yet-familiar songwriting. All one needs to do is watch him play live one time in order to have a good understanding of how all these different genres of music have a common thread when it comes to eliciting an emotional response from the listener and taking them to that special place where only the music exists.

"My earliest recollection is my grandmother would spin a bunch of Elvis records," says Elmore. "She had stuff like Floyd Kramer and Nat King Cole. My dad would have me on the weekends, he had AC/DC and bands like that. I got into Stevie Ray Vaughan about 1990. I went through that phase real heavy. My dad saw I was interested in guitar blues so he started taking me out to see Jim Suhler, Mike Morgan, Bugs Henderson, Smokin' Joe Kubek and other local guys. I was about 8. That was it. I was poisoned. My dad still apologizes to this day. He thinks I might have had a respectable job by now if he hadn't taken me to all those shows. Every time I see him I tell him I'm so thankful he exposed me to all that live music."

Since 2008, he has fronted "Jason Elmore & Hoodoo Witch", a high-energy trio that blends jump blues, Texas rock, vintage soul/R&B, and country chicken pickin' that always maintains the essence of the blues while simultaneously offering a fresh take on the genre. The band is rounded out by Chris Waw on bass and Mike Talbot on drums and can be found playing a full evening of jump blues one night and all original hard classic-style rock the next, depending upon the venue. They released their debut CD "Upside Your Head" in 2010 to rave reviews as well as a long stint on the Texas Roots Music Airplay Charts. Their follow-up, "Tell You What" is set for a March 19, 2013 release on the Underworld label!

Jason Elmore is a master at his craft and is effectively able to cross genres and provide something that everyone can enjoy, regardless of their musical preference. This is definitely a performer you need to see live. His abilities as a guitar player, singer, and songwriter are second-to-none and his good humor and charisma turn fans into friends at every show. Bring a sweat rag and your rockin' shoes!

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