Julien Kasper Spotlight

"Milk Truck" from his CD Trance Groove
TGS Spotlight Player from March 18, 2010

BOSTON, MA – Toulcat Records announces an April 20 release date for Trance Groove, the new album from The Julien Kasper Band, led by eclectic guitar virtuoso Julien Kasper, with national distribution by City Hall Records. Along with bassist Jesse Williams and drummer Zac Casher, on Trance Groove Julien Kasper has fashioned an exhilarating album combining funky grooves, catchy melodies, psychedelic soundscapes, soulful blues, epic rock guitar and even a stunning acoustic ballad – all on one album. The CD also features a guest appearance on Hammond B3 organ by T Lavitz (Dixie Dregs, Widespread Panic, Jazz is Dead).

Trance Groove is the third CD from Boston-based Julien Kasper, who is also a professor at the legendary Berklee College of Music, and it reflects his intense melding of a number of diverse elements into a whole that becomes his own unique sound. “Soul, groove, melody, tone and the element of surprise are my priorities as a composer and an improviser… as a guitarist I am coming equally from the schools of rock, jazz and blues,” he told Guitar World in a feature published in 2007.

Kasper’s previous two albums, Flipping Time (2003) and The New Imperial (2006) announced the arrival to the music world of a major new guitar artist; and on his latest release Kasper ups the ante even further with his improvisational playing, soaring into the many worlds and sounds he creates with the guitar.

Born in France to American parents, he spent his youth as an Army child moving around the American south and got his first major guitar gig while living in Tallahassee. After a four-year stint in Austin, he enrolled in the University of Miami and later graduated from the jazz program at the school. He put himself through college playing with local Miami legends IKO IKO, the house band at Tobacco Road, Miami’s legendary roots music venue.

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