Kyle Offidani Spotlight

"Always Home" from his EP Always Home
TGS Spotlight Player from July 21, 2011

Kyle is a 24 year old finger-style guitarist and singer/songwriter born in south-coastal Delaware. While his influences are vast, his unique voice can be heard in his original compositions.

Kyle's sincere stage presence and unique compositions have captivated audiences of every walk. Since 2009, Kyle has played shows across the country, going from state to state to share the music that defines his life. At the ripe age of 24 he has a string of festivals under his belt including the acclaimed Philadelphia Folk Festival. A review of the 2010 Philadelphia Folk Festival said this:

"Kyle Offidani blew me away on Sunday. I hadn't heard of Kyle, but word around the folksong society was that he was an up-and-coming, guitar-picking prodigy and I got a chance to experience that first hand. The growing crowd of amazed faces cheered with excitement as he taught them all a lesson"

In the winter of 2010, Kyle came to Nashville to record his debut instrumental album, Always Home, which he released in 2011. Kyle is currently living in Nashville and is at work writing new material and preparing for his next release which is expected to take his artistic expression in a whole new direction.

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