Martin Tallstrom Spotlight

"A Whiter Shade of Pale" from his CD Acoustics
TGS Spotlight Player from June 17, 2010

Martin Tallstrom lives in Stockholm, Sweden and works mainly as a freelance musician.

“I started out playing guitar around the age of ten, from blues to rock´n´roll – Elvis, Chuck Berry, Dave Edmunds etc. Later hard rock stuff which led to westcoast/ AOR, bands like Boston, Toto, Chicago. I was (am) very inspired by session guitarist Tim Pierce.

After I heard Paul Simon I started with some finger picking. This led to an interest in classical guitar which I studied on my own for a number of years. I later took lessons from Alberto Vicente in flamenco guitar techniques, which I really enjoyed. Simultaneously, I found the Nashville sound, guys like Brent Mason. Jerry Reed is another influence. I took up electric again, a Telecaster with a b-bender. This in turn led to an interest in bluegrass – I learnt some basic 5-string banjo and resonator picking. Lap steel is another favorite instrument. I also love slide guitar, Sonny Landreth really moves me. I was a bit lost for some years, not knowing what to focus on. By chance I took the girlfriend to a Tommy Emmanuel concert. That changed a lot – I knew I had work to do!

That was in 2006, and since early 2007 I have focused mainly on acoustic steel-string guitar. At the same time I started getting some work, and I bought a video camera. I uploaded a few acoustic pieces to You Tube, and I suddenly realised there is a whole new world out there...

This gave me a boost of confidence which in turn led to the recording and release of my album Acoustics, with both arrangements of some famous tunes as well as some of my own songs.

I´m currently writing songs and planning for a new album and possibly an instructional DVD.

I mainly play a couple of Loef guitars. One dreadnought and one parlour.”

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