Mike Pachelli Spotlight

"Where's My Shoes" from his CD Meeting Point
TGS Spotlight Player from September 8, 2011

MIKE PACHELLI’s guitar playing is an amalgamation of many styles. He has a wealth of musical experience gained through years of performing in clubs, concert halls and working in recording studios. He's performed all over the United States and Europe with some of the most eclectic blues, jazz, pop and rock musicians including Brother Jack McDuff, Albert King, Michael Sembello, Jeanne Mas, Phil Keaggy, Andrew W.K. and as the leader of his own group. Mike currently resides in Nashville where he is an integral part of the recording industry as CEO of Fullblast Recordings.

Guitarists all over the world are well aware of Pachelli's guitar prowess. Mike's instructional book Modal Mastery For Guitar Improvisation and instructional DVD Electric Guitar Method are a must for all serious students. Pachelli has received multiple awards for his guitar expertise and 10 RIAA gold and platinum awards.

For ten years, Mike and his group hosted a TV show in Florida on the WB affiliate that boasted a 14 million cumulative audience. Mike got to jam with and/or interview stars such as Paul McCartney, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Zakk Wylde, Allan Holdsworth, Joe Satriani, and many, many others.

Meeting Point is Mike’s 16th CD – It features The BluesMasters - Pachelli’s band: Lance Abair (B3), Ronnie Ciago (drums) Baba Elefante (bass) plus a special guest appearance by Brother Jack McDuff. Other CD career highlights include the grammy nominated “Two of Us” – an acoustic guitar duet with Phil Keaggy (Solid Air Records). Mike’s next CD will be released in the fall on Solid Air Records called A Jazzy Guitar Christmas featuring holiday favorites done in the style Django Reindhart.

"I often joke that I don't listen to the Blues because it makes me sad. Meeting Point is so uplifting because of the artistry and joy of performance that it goes beyond the confines of a genre and leaves the listener smiling from ear to ear. "Alone at Night", the closing track, is up there with Gary Moore's "Still Got the Blues" and makes you want to invite someone over!”   Ken Mansfield - Former US Manager Apple Records

"Pachelli has a loose, extrovert style with chops to spare and a mature blues feeling."    Leonard Feather - Los Angeles Times

"Mike Pachelli can play the heck out of a guitar. And he's able to play exactly what he feels while still keepin' it sweet and clean."    Stevie Ray Vaughan

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